July 7, 2009 "My Redeemer, Your Redeemer"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my strength and my Redeemer."
~ Psalm 19:14 ~ NKJV

Clearing her throat, she admitted in a low whisper filled with remorse, "We went all the way." As she said those words I could hear her choking back the tears filled with guilt and shame. I was so sad for her. After she had admitted this she knew for sure I would be upset with her; but was surprised when the only thing I could do was cry with her.

Her walk with the Lord has regressed and she was on the 'slippery slope long enough that she finally slipped'. I asked her in love, "Can you pinpoint the moment you were seduced away from God?" She thought for a moment and then she said with a knowing, "Yes. It was when I looked to my ex-boyfriend for my fulfillment instead of God."

On the phone with this girl who I love as a daughter it was truly heartbreaking. I wanted to reach through the phone and embrace her and let her know that all would be OK.

It was amazing. As I was ministering to her by the Holy Spirit, He also ministered to me. I was able to testify of His redeeming power on my life. As I testified this to her, I also told her how I truly never knew what it meant when God was referred to as 'The Redeemer' until the day He showed me so vividly.

I proceeded to tell her that a couple of weeks after I surrendered my heart to the Lord as my Savior and Lord I sat on the floor of my office amazed by His love. As I sat there I remember I cried saying, "O Lord where would I have been if I had only served you 10 years ago." It was so clear as He ministered in love, "Teresa you would be right where you are." I remembered thinking there's no way. But I was reminded immediately as I questioned His response, I just know He said, "Teresa, I am referring to your heart not your circumstances or where you are in the physical realm. Your heart would be right where it is with Me even if you had served me 10 years ago."

He redeemed my heart. He restored my soul. As I shared this with her, I told her that God wants to redeem her purity and restore her soul. He wants to take that 'soul tie' with that young man and release her from that, so that it can no longer remind her of the guilt and shame.

She said, "I wanted to save myself for my husband. I gave myself to him because we talked about getting married, and we talked about having children." I told her you both may have been committed to each other, but there was no covenant between the two of you with God joined in marriage. Commitment and covenant are not the same.

She used commitment as justification to give away that precious gift that belonged to her and her future husband. Now she is no longer in a relationship with this young man; yet daily she is reminded of what she had forsaken and she has a 'soul tie' to someone she is no longer with.

As I spoke with her last night it was revealed to me how moment by moment I must be aware of where my heart and focus is. When I wait on the Lord, He will renew something. What is it that He renews when I wait on Him? He renews my strength. If He has to renew that strength, then it most likely means that the strength has expired. As He renews my strength; I will then mount up with wings as eagles. I will run and not be weary and walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31). What happens though if I don't wait upon the Lord, but wait on man? Strength will not be renewed. Tiredness will overtake me and most likely I will fall asleep when instead I must be watchful.

I must remind myself of this moment by moment. Daily is not enough. Within the day we get hit with unexpected twists and turns. Moment by moment reminding of how awesome God is and acknowledging Him in everything and in every matter of life is key to truly living a victorious life.
Victorious living is to effect others so that they may also be brought into the same victorious lifestyle. There is purpose to every great thing of God. It is not just for me; but it is to be a blessing to others. God ALWAYS has others in mind when we obey Him.

Today you are on His mind. He loves you. He wants to redeem you from the guilt and shame into innocence and honor. Will you allow Him? I pray so.


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