July 29, 2009, "In Awe of His Majesty"

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and on Your wondrous works."
~ Psalm 145:5 ~

I remember the day I looked up when everything around me seemed to be caving into the 'pit of ruin'.

Why did I look up? I could hear in my 'spirit' "Look up". As I looked up, I took notice with great purpose how amazingly vast the blue sky was. I was overwhelmed by the great length and width of 'eternalness'. Then I heard in my 'spirit' what I know were the words of the Lord, "The sky is as the train of My majestic robe. That is how big I Am. Even the heavens do not contain me. Why do you try?"

I have told this testimony and have written this many times. However, today I am reminded that in the midst of great difficulty, nail clenching pain of not wanting to let go of something, the great difficulty of loss whether it be of a person, a job or monetary 'things'. I must remember how awesome God is.

Why do I try to contain God whose glory cannot be contained? Just His glory alone cannot be contained, let alone Who He is! This thought is so beyond my mind's capability to comprehend. I am just amazed by His vast glory and power and utter unexplainable majesty. It literally brings me to the 'vanshing point' in which my mind cannot comprehend such eternal thoughts of Who He Truly is!

"O God, thank You for this reminder that Your ways are not our ways. Your amazing thoughts are not our thoughts. This alone leads me to praise You. Lord, thank You for Jesus Christ who restored us into a relationship with You. You are amazing and powerful and yet You are LOVE!"

When many things come against us. When we see loss all around us and great uncertainty, Lord help me to be reminded that you are Restorer of the things ruined and lost. You are the Refresher of the things that seem spoiled. You are the Resurrecter of the things that seem dead."

"Lord, as I look up at the sky today, I am reminded that the heavens declare Your glory. As they declare Your glory, may I be in utter awe. I desire that my life declare Your glory for You are More than Worthy to be praised."


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