July 28, 2009, "Child Like Faith"

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"What can we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us?"
~ Romans 8:31 ~

I imagine walking through a vast field of golden wheat. It seems the field of wheat could go on for eternity. Imagining myself running through the wheat my arms look as though I am ready to fly as my fingers effortlessly glide through the wheat. The 'tickly' feeling against my fingertips and in between my fingers cause me to feel so alive.

That feeling of being like a child; there is a freedom of the dance. There is a freedom of His joy no matter what is going on around us. There is a freedom of the praise to God. In this moment with the faith of a child, I know without a doubt how Awesomely vast God is and what I know what is impossible in my own ability, is not impossible to Him. "For with Him all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26).

The faith of a child is so unwavering. Many children know without a doubt that what they believe is what they believe. No adult, no peer can convince them that what they believe is not true.

To transfer that kind of belief and faith in our God; "How would that bless you Lord?" "Would that be like a run in the midst of the field, running to You, knowing You are right there?"

I remember back when I was a little girl, and my dad would come home from work. The door would open and the atmosphere of our home would change. The excitement in the air that Dad was home was as though the amusement park was coming to us!

I remember when we would hear the front door open, my mom would run to dad first, usually jumping into his arms as they would kiss and then we knew it was our turn. Dad would then pick us up, and he would spin us around in the air as we giggled and laughed. We just knew when Dad came home, it was fun!!!! Of course, when he would put us down we would scream, jumping up and down, "Dad, please spin us again! Spin us again!"

As I think back on that time as a child, I am so grateful for my dad's love for us and his actions of love. We are able to have a glimpse of how we can approach God in such a delightful way. Knowing that the faith of a child is knowing without a doubt, "My daddy can do anything your daddy can do BUT so much better."

Today, I want to get to that place where I know that no matter what hard pressed situation I may face. No matter how big or gigantic that 'giant' is, that I can say, "My God is so much bigger than you, He will take care of me. I do not doubt that my God, my 'Daddy' is more than able."

I ask you Lord, "Help me to see through the eyes of a child the way I must see You. Thank you that you are ETERNALLY 'GINORMOUS' and I will not be afraid, for I know You are with me, and that You are my Almighty God."


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